The Society of Jesus (commonly called the Jesuits) was founded in 1540 by St. Ignatius Loyola.  Ignatius Loyola was a Spanish Basque soldier who underwent an extraordinary conversion while recuperating from a leg broken by a cannon ball in battle.  The Jesuits grew from the original seven to about 17000 members today who work in 112 countries. The Jesuits became known for their sanctity (41 Saints and 285 Blesseds), for their scholarly writings in many different fields, for their explorations and discoveries, but especially for their schools and universities.  


JESUITS IN INDIA                                          Click here for 26 pictures of old Jesuit sites around Mumbai (1548 - 1739)

1542: Jesuits arrive in Goa                         Click here for the book (pictures and full text) of the book "The Early Jesuits of the 'Province of the North'"

1544:  Francis Xavier visits Bassein (now Vasai)                                  Click here for a video on the early Jesuit works  (1548 - 1739)

1552:  Jesuits arrive in Bassein

1570: Jesuits build an oratory on the hill in Bandra (now Mount Mary’s); expanded to a chapel in 1640 to serve the garrison of Fort Aguada at the end of Bandra; destroyed during the Maratha-Portuguese war (1737-39); rebuilt 1761; present basilica built in 1904.

1573:  Bandra is given to the Jesuits by the King of Portugal.   

1574:  Jesuits build Our Lady of Grace Church, Papdy, Vasai.


1580:  Jesuits come to Chaul.


1583:  Jesuits build Santa Anna near the present Bandra railway station.


1588:  Jesuits build Holy Cross Church, Kurla.  Rebuilt 1848.


Pictures at right are courtesy Mr. Patrick de Sousa.












1853:  St. Peter's Church, Bandra, founded.

1863:  St. Stanislaus' began as an orphanage.

1864:  St. Mary's School, Mazagon founded (Military orphanage).

1869:  St. Xavier's College and St. Xavier's High School founded.                                                                                                                                                                          

1881: St. Anne's Church, Mazagon, founded.



The Bombay Jesuit Viceprovince covered an area from Bombay up north to Baroda and Dohad including Broach (Bharuch) and Surat. 

This page from the Jesuit "catalogue" (a directory of institutions and persons) of 1955 shows Fr. Aloysius M. Coyne as the Viceprovincial from 11 May 1953 and Fr. Adrian Dias as the Socius from 21 June 1955.













Bombay became a Jesuit Province on 12 May 1956 covered an area from Bombay up north to Baroda and Dohad including Broach (Bharuch) and Surat. 


This page from the Jesuit catalogue of 1956 shows Fr. Aloysius M. Coyne as the Provincial and Fr. Adrian Dias continuing as the Socius.